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#ABtalks Original Card Game

#ABtalks Original Card Game

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1st Edition

We are finally bringing the show to our community beyond screens. This Original edition card game invites you to really get to know your family, friends, yourself and maybe even strangers the #ABtalks way. Our team of designers, strategists, copywriters, and creatives have carefully curated the mechanism of the game to mimic the show (well, almost). Each question, element, and rule will encourage you to be the most true, real, and vulnerable version of each other, but there is more…

It’s small enough to fit in your hand and probably weighs just a little more than your phone, so it can be tagged along wherever you go. It’s also been designed so all the pieces of the game fit neatly within the box. The rules are simple to follow, and you need at least one more human being to start enjoying the game. So, how do you play? What does the red card mean? Who wins? We’ll let you discover it for yourself. psst…there’s a surprise from Anas within the game!

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